Estate and Business Planning Protect Your Assets

Meet Estate and Business Planning Attorney Allen T. Ratcliffe, Jr. With Offices in San Ramon and Grass Valley!

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Estate and Business Planning Protect Your Assets

Meet Estate and Business Planning Attorney Allen T. Ratcliffe, Jr. With Offices in San Ramon and Grass Valley!


What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the process of directing the disposition of assets by gift or inheritance and providing management succession during your life and for your heirs’ afterlife while avoiding probate and minimizing gift, estate, generation-skipping transfer, and income taxes.



Basic Estate Planning

Judy and Doug, along with their two kids and dog, Ralph, live a happy life in Grass Valley.

In spite of Judy’s clamoring for them to take care of what should happen if one or both pass, or become incapacitated, their chosen course of action has been procrastination. Although they believe that their personal needs are simple, they are uncomfortable with a “fill in the blank” approach to estate planning.

They silently vow to themselves that before it is too late, they will seek out an attorney who can listen to their needs, explore their alternatives, explain their options in clear terms, and provide a comprehensive estate plan in a convenient and comfortable process. Read more.

Business Succession

Rupert has dedicated his life to building a successful manufacturing company and real estate portfolio. He is feeling the weight of the burdens and stress of the business but has spent little time contemplating the next phase of his life. When pressed, however, he admits that there is uncertainty as to whom will take over the business in a manner that will capture a reasonable financial return for his efforts without losing management efficiency. Deep down, the thought of losing control over business decisions makes him queasy. His wife, Mary, is uncomfortable about the effect on her if he should suddenly pass or become incapacitated and is curious whether their son, who is the marketing director and has his eye on future ownership, will expect to receive the entire business and how that will impact the overall estate plan. Read more.

Advanced Estate Planning

Bill and Mary live a comfortable life in Alamo, California, having accumulated substantial wealth through hard work and perhaps a little good fortune. Their busy schedule, however, has left them little time to address what may be important issues: How do they protect what they have built? Will their daughter be able to manage her inheritance? What should they do? Will their children incur estate and/or income taxes after the second of Bill and Mary to die? If they leave a significant asset to one child, how can they treat the others fairly?

They have been advised by their trusted CPA and financial advisor, but wonder whether an integrated approach would serve their needs in a more comprehensive manner. Read more.

Business Planning

Fred and Barney own and operate a successful and growing electronics company. They believe that they are operating properly, but when questioned, admit that they have not paid attention to the legal aspects of their business for years.

They are concerned that their lack of attention to this matter may leave them more vulnerable to any unforeseen situation and whether their inattention risks missing out on valuable opportunities. Fred and Barney know that effective business planning can be the key to their success. Business planning can help them legally, secure financing, prioritize their efforts, and evaluate opportunities. Read more.

Estate and Business Planning Process

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